Extended InGaAs Photodiodes
Wavelength range
2000 nm – 2600 nm

Features   Applications
High responsivity
• High shunt resistance
• Low capacitance
• Planar design for high reliability
• Medical analysis
  Process monitoring
• Process analysis
• Infrared spectroscopy
• Optical power meters
• Temperature sensors
Technical Data

Options available on request


Other active areas
Other packages
Devices with receptacles
TE-cooled devices
Custom devices
  (i.e. diameter 2mm, 0,5mm, 0,3mm, 0,1mm, etc.)
(i.e. TO5, TO37, TO8, TO66, etc.)
(i.e. SMA, etc.)
(i.e. TE1, TE2, etc.)
(i.e. with filters, fiber pigtails, etc.)