We offer the following Imatronic Laser Diode Modules:

LDM150 (dot projection)

The LDM150 is an extremely compact laser module with a housing diameter of only 7 mm (length: 25mm). The laser is the smallest in the Imatronic range and suited for applications where space is critical.

SIGMA (dot projection)

The Sigma laser is a compact laser diode module (diameter: 10.4mm, length: 16.5mm) that is easy to use and is cost effective, it is suitable for many applications including prototyping, feasibility studies, educational and experimental use..

LDM115 (dot projection with optional line optics)

The LDM115 can be used as a direct replacement for Helium Neon lasers for many applications. Available in an industry standard 11 mm diameter housing (length: 37mm).

LLM115 (line projection)

The LLM line laser emits a bright line pattern. It is designed for industrial applications and offers superior ruggedness and miniature size (11mm diameter, 37mm length). Therefore making this laser suitable for applications of alignment by eye or camera.

LCG115 (cross projection)

The LCG115 cross line generator provides 2 intersecting lines. The angle between the lines may be adjusted to any value between 0° and 90°. This can be used to produce accurate cross line references even when the laser is not mounted at exactly 90° to the surface. Therefore making this laser suitable for applications of alignment by eye or camera. This device has a diameter of 11mm and a length of 37mm.

LDL175 (dot projection)

The LDL175 laser module is a stand-alone compact laser system emitting wavelengths from 635 nm to 850 nm. It features a dc power jack input, on/off switch, LED indicator and safety shutter. The infra red version at 850 nm also features an interlock. Designed for industrial and laboratory use and available in a 25 mm (1 inch) housing for use with industry standard 1 inch optical mounts. This device has a length of 58mm.


  • Wide range of industry standard package sizes
  • Off the shelf immediate delivery
  • Wide range of output powers and wavelengths
  • Dots, lines & crosses output projections available
  • Low Voltage DC Operation
  • Rugged Construction
  • User Adjustable Focusing Lens
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Compliant with European and U.S Legislation


  • Alignment and Positioning
  • Bar Code Readers
  • Dimensional Scanning
  • Metrology Event Detection
  • Robot Control
  • Target Designation
  • Edge Detection
  • Analysis
  • Security
  • Optical Fibre Testing
  • Entertainment (Laser Gaming)