cameoThe 1250 Cameo is a unique, versatile, high quality industrial laser module widely used in alignment applications. The 1260 Gated Cameo provides a switchable control input to turn the laser beam ON/ OFF at high speed. A lower speed enable input is also provided. Many applications require a chopped light source or need digital information to be encoded on the beam. Using an appropriate detector, the laser light can be distinguished from other light sources, which might affect the alignment system. The gated beam can also be detected at very low levels, making long range operation possible. The isolated threaded mount houses an industrial grade laser diode, adjustable collimating lens and protected connectorised drive electronics.


1250 Series (Standard)

  • Simple thread mounted industrial laser module
  • Compact length for restricted areas
  • User focusable
  • Reliable connector construction
  • Isolated metal case
  • Designed for continuous cool running
  • Simple to mount
  • Wide range of focus distances

1260 (Gating)

  • Offers the following additional features
  • Third wire input facilites rapid switching/ gating
  • Switching speeds up to 100kHz
  • Operates directly from binary logic signals
  • Effective in wide variety of light conditions
  • Controlled chopping minimises power consumption and extends life
  • Low speed enable input


  • Condition monitoring including fog and smoke, particle detection, and densitometry
  • Event Monitoring beam break including edge sensing, counting, telemetry, safety barriers, interlocks
  • Detectors for Lock in Amplifiers
  • Transmissive Telemetry

Further information can be found in our datasheet.